Update. Olympiad mode.
26 march 2019

Konstantin Penioza | Product owner
26 march 2019
We have a great update, now in CORE you can create olympiads, quizzes and contests on your own, and we also fixed bugs.

Olympiad mode
We have added the Olympiad mode or quiz. You can create your own Olympiads, quizzes and contests.
Enabling the "Ollimpiada" mode
The user has the functionality allowing independently to customize the Olympiad
Registration window for participation in the Olympiad
You can download partner's logos, change the title, button text and description under the title.
Setting the entrance to the Olympiad
The window with the results of the competition that the participant sees during registration.
Here you can change almost everything. Change the text with the title, the text with the greeting and its subtitle. And most importantly, setting the conditions for passing the exam. You can adjust the required number of points that the participant should receive and what image he will see with a successful or unsuccessful result.
    Setting up screens with the results of the passage of the Olympiad
    But that is not all!
    Without which no Olympiad can definitely be held, it is without honoring the winners.
    You can upload statistics on the Olympiad to CORE
    By participants:
    how each participant answered the questions, how many of them are the right answers, etc
    For questions:
    what questions were the most difficult, how many people answered correctly, etc.
    • Fixed problems with password recovery;
    • сorrected styles fonts throughout the designer;
    • fixed problem with loading documents and video files;
    • fixed a problem with the print button.
    Konstantin Penioza
    Product owner

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